Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Everything is gonna be alright

I have some sad news to share. A family friend has passed away. They say he died of a heart attack. He was only 40 years old and had a 6 year old daughter. I don't know how that happens. This is a good reminder that It's never too early to take care of yourself. I pray that his surviving family has the courage to continue with out him. Ameen.

Also my manager's little brother literally has a broken heart. They have to operate to repair it. Pakistan doesn't have a Hospital with the right kind of facilities to take on such a risky operation so they have to go to India. I promised to pray for him and I have kept this promise.

It's time like these that you become grateful for everything you have. You realize the importance of savoring life. And how important it is, for your own health and mental wellbeing, to take time out from your day, kneal before God and pray.
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