Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What makes Superman, super?

I started thinking about this question after watching “Superman Returns”. I always knew that he was the man of steel and could be shot at and thrown around with ease. However in this latest incarnation of the movie series there is a scene in which a bad guy fires point blank into superman’s eye. As soon as the projectile makes contact with his eyeball it crumples up and harmlessly falls onto the ground.

This made me wonder. Does this mean that his eyes are made of steel? I don’t think so. I just have a feeling that if I ever met the guy his eyeballs would be squishy like the rest of us. Here’s how I envision the mechanics of Superman’s power. Earth’s yellow sun has activated a dormant force field that works at the cellular level. This force field has fully enveloped the last son of Krypton that’s why even sensitive parts like the eye are protected. Then again I didn’t make up this superhero, what do you know about Superman’s powers?
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