Tuesday, January 8, 2008

For all you Patrick Stewart fans

I recently found out that Patrick Stewart is chancellor of my University! That’s so cool, I have tremendous respect for Mr. Stewart. As an actor, he has contributed much time and energy to cinematic science fiction (Star Trek, X-Men, TMNT, Dune, to name a few).

I received my bachelor's in software engineering from the University of Huddersfield (UoH). I haven’t physically visited the campus because I earned the degree via their Pakistani affiliate.

UPDATE: The graduation ceremony for 2005 graduates will be held soon. Be sure to check back for the latest news. It’s sure to be a gala event.

I downloaded a video from the UoH site a while back (I don’t know where they moved it, so I can’t give you a link). I wanted to share it with you guys. It’s about a minute long, in it Patrick Stewart tells the viewer about his long life commitment to education, how he is a local of Yorkshire (I believe this is the county in which the Town of Huddersfield is located in). He goes on to say that despite all his travels he has always been in touch with the people of this region and he welcomes students from all over the world to come and study at UoH. In essence, it’s a brief look into the man’s life and an advertisement for the University.

So without further ado here is the video:

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