Monday, December 31, 2007

Pulling Out

I never thought a trivial matter like pulling your car out of your own driveway would be such a massive undertaking. I actually have to weigh the pros and cons before deciding to do so. Now that Benazir's son Bilawal has been made chairman of the PPP it is hoped that tempers will cool down, as the party moves past its grief and looks to the future.

On the other hand opportunistic miscreants have taken advantage of the situation and are especially fond of targeting cars. Some of my neighbors had the sad misfortune of having their cars trashed by these thugs. Authorities were helpless to stop the carnage.

Analysts give another reason as to why cars, banks and stores were targeted. These are considered to be status symbols in Pakistani society. And the only people willing to destroy such symbols are people who have no use for such things. They’ll never earn enough to buy a car, or open a bank account or shop in a nice store. So they have nothing to lose and everything to gain when they go on a rampage.

The analysts explain that the weak and impoverished elements of society had to vent their pent up frustration, as the current military regime was incapable of providing them a way out of poverty. Also they couldn’t file their grievances in a civilized manner because that would not accomplish anything. After all the courts have been neutered by our so-called leaders. My only question is this, why were grain silos attacked as well? Don’t poor people stand to gain from them? Did someone say a wider conspiracy to destabilize Pakistan?

UPDATE: I just learned that they damaged my University’s Campus; God have mercy on us where will Pakistan be without education?

UPDATE (Jan. 10, '08) : I got more details on this incident. It seems a mob broke down the gates to the universtiy entered the computer labs and stole newly installed equipment. Security personnel were present but were overwhelmed. Please pray for Pakistan.
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