Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sophie from Shinola, part 23

Here is my second contribution to the round robin challenge that I have taken part in. It's been fun, I liked how my characters were so well recieved by the other writers. The story elements that I set up carried through for quite awhile, something I didn't expect when I was writing my part. That means they like me they really like me!

Here's a link to Part 22 written by Jeri and hosted on her website. It's nice to see the internet fixed again ;)

Sophie from Shinola, part 23

Blink/Sophie’s body had been badly beaten. The failed attempt at disabling the weapons systems control had alerted the Trageth. Their security forces immediately took action and quickly apprehended the intruders. The Trageth were not known for their kindness and used harsh methods when interrogating prisoners. Sophie’s conscious had to recede and allow Blink’s to take over during the ordeal. His firm resolve enabled him to withstand the brutal beating yet not reveal any critical details of his mission.

Now left alone to lick his wounds Sophie returned. “My goodness what did they do to you…to us?” Blink did not allow Sophie to interface with the nervous system.

“Don’t worry dear it’s nothing. We should be back to our old self in no time.” He licked a deep cut with his tongue, the saliva’s natural coagulating enzymes would help to stem the flow of blood. His broken ribs would not mend so easily.

“We have to find a way off.” Sophie pleaded

“Yes I realize this.” His mind tried to come up with a plan of action. His training told him to ignore the pain and focus on the mission. But Blink knew they were near death and could not find the strength to think.

The Trageth sent in their doctor, a sadistic gnome of a man. He pried and prodded the unconscious body checking for any life signs. He felt no remorse as his hand held diagnostic device registered sharp spikes in the body’s pain receptors during the examination.

“It’s still alive.” A hidden communication device carried his words to his superiors “But I don’t think it can take another round of questioning. Might as well dispose of it in the incinerators.”

The doctor could not hear their reply. It was drowned out by the sound of seared metal. The blood caked walls of the interrogation room were lit ablaze. The eastern wall fell in a flood of molten metal. From behind the curtain of fire two projectiles screamed through and neatly embedded themselves in the doctor’s frontal lobes.

A gigantic dreadnought clambered into the room. “Agent 2375 I am SpaceForce dreadnought UCF-17 I have been dispatched for your immediate retrieval.” The mega machine’s sensor’s surveyed its surrounding “Come with me if you want to live.”

next up is Michelle K.


Tania said...

Come with me if you want to live? Hah!

The rest of it is good too, but what a great ending line.

MWT said...

Oh. So it's back to being totally confused again. Woohoo! :)

I guess this puts Blink/Sophie and Not-Sophie on the same side somehow...

Unknown said...

Sophie and Not-Sophie will have to work together if they want to achieve their missions.

Naturally they won't get along but will have to find a way to tolerate for each other.

And besides at this point Not-sophie isn't even aware that sophie is inside of Blink/Sophie. This should be a boon for the not-sophie fan club!

kimby said...

I'm with Tania, I LOVE the last line!
Good job Saqib!

Random Michelle K said...

Where the heck do I go from here?


Random Michelle K said...


mattw said...

Should there be a cameo by Sarah Connor?

Random Michelle K said...

You're AWESOME! That lead me RIGHT where I wanted to go!

(happy dance)

Nathan said...

Oh, so now we're catering to the Not-Sophie Fan Club. I didn't notice such concern for Dawn Wells. Yeah, Mary-Anne was the hot one. I just dare you to disagree.

And great entry. I love that UCF-17 is gonna save the day...or not. Depends on Michelle, but I'm off to read her entry.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, UCF-17! Not-Sophie saves the day. :)

Nice job moving the story forward and bringing us back to Sophie/Blink's perspective.

And I, too, love the last line. LOL

Unknown said...

Nathan, I wouldn't dream of disagreeing with you.

As for the last line I guess I had The Terminator on the brain.